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Healthy Apple Crumble

Give this Healthy Apple Crumble recipe a try this holiday season. You can whip this up with just a few simple ingredients you probably already…

low carb stuffing

Low Carb Stuffing

Low carb stuffing great for a holiday side dish. Load with flavor, you won’t even miss the bread!

Sneaky Ways to Exercise More

You know that old cliche “every little bit helps”?  It’s really true, only most people have a hard time seeing it that way.  But have…

Mashed Garlic Cauliflower

Mashed Garlic Cauliflower

Mashed garlic cauliflower is a tasty low carb alternative to mashed potatoes.

fitness tracker

Should I Use a Fitness Tracker?

Lots of people wonder: ‘Should I get a fitness tracker?” For some people, it can be a really helpful tool. This is especially true if you…

Do probiotics even work?

If you believe the marketing claims, probiotics can help you with just about anything—IBS, leaky gut, diarrhea, brain fog, and even fat loss.  But is…

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying pizza on occasion, there is something wrong with the “healthy foods cost too much” logic.

How Fast Can You Gain or Lose Fitness?

Many who are thinking about starting an exercise routine, want to know how fast you can gain fitness. And current exercisers often want to know…

Does Fat Make You Fat?

Studies have shown that increasing the intake of certain essential fatty acids, either alone or in combination with other fats and compounds, can increase health, help in treating certain diseases, and even improve body composition, mental and physical performance.

Getting Rid of Fat “Right Here”: Can You Target Fat Loss? 

Many, many people have asked a fitness coach if it’s possible to lose fat “right here.” When they ask, they always point to a body…

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