Top 5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Can you believe it’s already November and the holidays are right around the corner??!!

Before we know it, we’ll be surrounded by family, friends, and lots of food.  Use these tips to avoid unwanted weight gain over the holidays while still allowing yourself to enjoy the festivities. 

Here are our top tips to stay on track and avoid holiday weight gain:

Indulge with purpose

One way to avoid over indulging at holiday gatherings is to not show up to a party starving.  You know what happens when you go grocery shopping hungry.  The same is true for parties.  Consider eating a healthy snack before the event such as veggies with some hummus or yogurt and some nuts.  Once you show up, survey the food and try to stick with veggies, fruit, lean meats, and a sampling of one or two “treats”.  

What About Alcohol?

I’m not telling you to not drink however, alcohol can be a huge setback for weight management.  Alcoholic drinks can be loaded with empty calories.  Because we drink them instead of eat them, many people fail to recognize how many added calories they’re actually consuming.  In addition, alcohol lowers our inhibitions and increases the likelihood we’ll go back for seconds or thirds of that pumpkin pie or cheesecake.  Try drinking a glass of water between your alcoholic beverages to help reduce consumption. 

Added Stresses During the Holiday Season?

Living up to unrealistic expectations and added responsibilities during the holidays can make for a stressful time.  The unfortunate truth is, we tend to forgo our healthy habits during times of stress.  We exercise less and eat more.  Physical activity is a great form of stress relief and keeping up with those healthy eating habits will help control weight.

Make an effort to protect your “you” time.  Whether it’s an invitation to a party or a request to run an errand for someone, you have the right to politely decline.  Avoid getting to your breaking point before you start feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve Never Been Able to Stay on Track During the Holidays.  Why Should I Think it Will be Any Different This Year? 

It’s important to have realistic expectations for yourself.  Acknowledge that you might have to make some changes to your regular routine.  Instead of throwing all of your healthy habits out the window from October to December promising yourself you’ll get back on track come January, take steps to make the healthiest decisions possible knowing not everything is going to be perfect.

If you need some recipe inspiration, head over to our Healthy Recipes page or download a copy of our Easy Meal Prep Recipes find something delicious to make this week!

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