Eating Seasonally

What does “eating seasonally” mean? It’s knowing when certain fruits and vegetables grow naturally in your climate, and eating them only in those seasons. This can vary widely from state to state and a lot produce grows in more than one season. In general fall and winter are prime for eating things like cauliflower, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, fall squash, and pears.

In spring and summer berries, zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant are at their prime and are the most flavorful. You can download our guide to “What’s in Season” HERE.

Local farmer’s markets and CSAs are a great resource for eating in season. These sources offer the majority of locally grown and produce picked at it’s prime.

Warren County has several sources to purchase local produce including the The Giving Tree in Linden. They also carry a variety of meat, egg, and other locally sourced products. Be sure to check them out!

Out of season produce that less abundant, is shipped in from other locations and impacts the amount you pay. So not only does seasonal fruits & veggies taste better, they also save you money.

Be sure to checkout our Healthy Recipes page with tons of ideas to use your in season fruits & veggies. And don’t forget to download our “What’s in Season” guide.

If you need help with creating a simple, sustainable eating plan that is personalized to you and your goals, book a chat with one of our nutrition coaches to get started. You do not need to be a gym member to participate in our nutrition program.

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