Who is Rugged Terrain CrossFit?

When we opened Rugged Terrain in 2018 our mission was simply to provide a place for people to come workout, have fun, and gain some badass Olympic lifting and gymnastics skills. 

We chose the name Rugged Terrain because the path to health and fitness is not a straight line.  You will hit bumps along the way, curves in the trail, and obstacles you must overcome.  Navigating rugged terrain is not easy but with a little determination and sticking to the course, you WILL make progress.

pro·gress  verb:

  1. to move forward
  2. to develop a higher, better, or more advanced stage

From the time we opened, we have evolved into more than access to equipment and group classes. We offer a coaching service that will help you create the healthiest version of you through fitness, nutrition, and life balance.  

We laugh. 

We cry. 

We make friends.

We set goals. We help each other achieve them with the guidance of a support of our coaches and community.  We are a place you can start and end your day on a positive note knowing that you are one step closer to reaching your health & fitness goals when you walk out the door.   

The Rugged Terrain Mission:

To help 1000 citizens of Front Royal and the surrounding community improve their health & wellbeing through fitness, nutrition, and life balance.


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