Pay For Nutrition & Fitness With Your HSA/FSA Funds!

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Rugged Terrain CrossFit has partnered with TrueMed to help eligible individuals get approved to have their fitness training and nutrition coaching sessions qualify for reimbursement through their HSA/FSA provider.


How Does This Work?

Fitness and nutrition are medicine.  That’s why we’re excited to share a way for you to save at Rugged Terrain CrossFit with your pre-tax dollars.

Through our partnership with TrueMed, you may be eligible to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA) toward your membership.

Get Qualified to Reimburse Your Future Payments In 3 Easy Steps

  • Qualify:  Take the quick 2 minute evaluation to see if you qualify.
  • Approval:  If eligible, TrueMed will email you a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).
  • Reimbursement:  TrueMed will send you detailed instructions on how to get reimbursement from your HSA/FSA account going forward.
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How long does the approval process take?

The intake form is only a few questions. No live consultation with a doctor is required. If eligible, approval is instant. TrueMed will then provide a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) via email.

How do I pay for fitness and nutrition?

You will pay using credit, debit, ACH transfer through a personal account.  Upon approval, TrueMed provides documentation to submit with your reimbursement claim to your HSA/FSA provider. You can either submit claims individually or all at once at the end to the year.

How long does the Letter of Medical Necessity last?

Each Letter is valid for 12 months before it needs to be renewed.

What happens if I was approved by TrueMed but my claim was denied?

No worries! If your claim is denied, TrueMed has got it covered with their Reimbursement Guarantee. TrueMed will compensate for the difference. TrueMed stands by the legitimacy and credibility of their Letters of Medical Necessity (LMNs), ensuring you can get healthy with total peace of mind.

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