Bulk Cooking for Beginners: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to meal planning and prepping?

Do you struggle with finding the time to create healthy meals on a regular basis? 

Well, let me tell you about a GAME-CHANGING strategy that can save hours upon hours of time:

Think of it as the structure and direction you need to consistently create healthy meals that align with your health & fitness goals.  It’s almost like having a meal prep company at home, (almost )!

Just like a well-planned vacation, a successful fitness and nutrition journey requires planning and preparation. And with a bulk cooking strategy, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the journey without worrying about what to cook next. 

So, how do you create a bulk cooking strategy?

It’s simple. Start by choosing some staples to cook such as chicken breast, ground turkey, quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes, veggies.  

Choose foods that align with your health & fitness goals. 

Then, map out a plan for cooking methods for each (slow cooker, instantpot, grill, bake, ect).  

Keeping a stock of frozen steamable bags of veggies for a quick and easy option to add to meals. 

Now, I know some of you may prefer a more daily approach to cooking, and that’s okay but it leaves a lot of areas to fall off track. But for those of you who want structure and direction, a bulk cooking strategy is the way to go. I’m going attempt to break down a basic strategy for you. I do a more personalized approach with my mentoring clients to work with their likes, dislikes, schedule, and family.

3 simple steps to creating a bulk cooking strategy

  1. CHOOSE STAPLE FOODS: Choose 1-2 proteins, starches (carbs), and veggies to bulk prep. IMO, the easiest, most versatile are chicken breast, ground turkey, quinoa, brown rice, frozen veggies, spring mix. You can season and use all of these in a variety of meals. 
  2. CHOOSE COOKING METHODS: Slow cooker, Instant Pot, Oven, Grill, Stove-top. I utilize all of most of these every time I prep.
    • Chicken tossed in slow cooker or on the grill
    • Ground Turkey & Quinoa on stove-top
    • Brown Rice cooked in Instant Pot 
  3. COMMIT TO + START COOKING: Start with the items that take the longest to cook, ie anything going in the slow cooker. Then choose which you want to tackle while the slow cooker is doing it’s magic. 

PRO-TIP: Use minimal seasonings such as salt & pepper, you can add additional later according to your meal(s).

Want a personalized strategy to fit your likes, dislikes, schedule, and family?  Let’s CHAT!

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