Tips for Keeping Your Health & Fitness Goals in View

We understand that this school year is NOT going to be like years past.

As parents, you are worried about how your child/children are going to adjust to this “new normal” whether they’re virtual students, in class, or a combination. 

Try these tips to make your schedule a little less hectic and still be able to fit in your health & fitness goals:

SCHEDULE- Create a schedule that includes workout time.  Whether that means getting up a little earlier than normal or scheduling your workout for later in the day.  Don’t fall into the trap of only working out “if it fits”.  Often workouts are the first to get pushed to the side for other obligations.  If you’re at home with your kids during the day, have them join you with modified movements, it’s never too early to incorporate exercise into your child’s day.  Play around with scheduling these first few weeks to find what works best.  Don’t beat yourself up if everything isn’t perfect or you miss a workout, get back on track the day.  Regular exercise releases endorphins that brighten your mood.

MEAL PREP- Make a schedule for grocery shopping or better yet, take advantage of grocery pick-up and delivery services. Spend a few hours over the weekend prepping and packing a few meals for the week.  Even if you’re at home, having healthy items ready to go reduces the urge to grab a not so healthy option.  Keep it simple, 2-3 dinners prepped for the week saves you from grabbing a pizza on the way home.  Balanced nutrition improves your memory and betters your mood.  Having a sharp mind positively affects how you deal with changes around you.

ACCOUNTABILITY- Find yourself a fitness buddy!!  A fitness buddy will challenge you, keep things fun, keep you motivated, and support you. Make a commitment with your buddy over the next couple weeks to get to the gym “x” amount of days and keep each other accountable.  

If you run into a few snags along the way, brush it off and pick up where you left off the next day.  In the end, consistency not perfection, with nutrition & fitness is the key to carrying out a successful plan. 

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